Make orders


How can I place an order?

To order a customized/ personalized product, please follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Select the item(s) you want to buy
  • Step 2: Complete all required customized options
  • Step 3: Click Preview to see your product(s)
  • Step 4: Choose the quantity and then Add to Cart
  • Step 5: Fill in your personal information (contact, shipping address, etc.). If you have a discount code, apply it to save more before completing the order.

If all the steps are done correctly, you will get a confirmation email with a detailed description.


Can I view prices in different currencies when placing an order?

Yes but kindly note that all payments will still be processed in USD. To change currencies, click the flag icon in the Menu bar. A dropdown list will appear for you to pick your currency.


Why can’t I see my order preview?

There are two reasons for this issue, considering:

1. Required options missed/ wrongly filled

There are mandatory fields that you must fill in, marked by the asterisk (*). If you ignore, a notice announcement (!) will pop up and require you to complete before clicking Preview. In case you do not want to provide information for that field, press Spacebar.

2. System errors

In this case, please contact us right away with the screenshot of the error notification/ message showing on your end. There are two scenarios here:

  • If we are able to fix it right away, we will send you a link of the design preview via email after you confirm your order successfully.
  • If it relates to more complicated errors, we need to discuss with our Development team and reply to you within 24 hours.

How to add/ remove items from my cart?

In the Cart page which views all your items, simply click “+” or “-” for those you want to change the quantity.


Where can I find the size guides?

For Apparel products, you can find the Size Guide section near the Choose Size variant.

*Please note that in the garment industry there can be a minor deviation from size guide measurements up to 1 inch. Therefore, if it unintentionally happens to your order(s), it will not be considered defective. If it is more than that, contact us via


I was charged but I have no receipt or order number.

If you have checked both the Inbox and Spam and cannot find any information regarding your order, it can be that your order did not process successfully, ending up as an abandoned cart. Please rest assured as normally, you are only charged when our system marks Order Successful. In case you want more security, please contact your bank for further information.

Transaction has been left off means your customization has yet to save, which you may need to provide us with your preview again. Once everything is smoothed, we will proceed creating your order.


Why haven’t I received an order confirmation?

Once your order was placed and processed successfully, you should have received an automated order confirmation via email as soon as possible. Please check your Spam/Junk mailbox to see if it unintentionally goes there. If it is a yes, you can mark it as “not spam” to prevent the same problem happening again.

If you still do not receive any, it can refer to these issues:

  • Incorrect email address: double-check to ensure you have provided the right email address during checkout. A small typo or error could leave confirmation email undelivered.
  • Uncompleted order(s): you may have left the checkout page abruptly, before the site confirms your order. This can lead to our system misunderstands and marks it as an abandoned cart. In this case, please contact the bank first to see if your order is paid, and then reach out to us for further process.

If your case does not belong to the above two possibilities, just feel free to contact us via We’re ready to assist you further.


Where does PrintKOK ship from?

To offer our customers a variety of merchandise with good quality, we operate product printing with many fulfillment centers around the world (mostly in the U.S) who abide by strict quality control standards. We hope you love the product created at PrintKOK.


Does PrintKOK include receipts in the package?

Unfortunately, the receipts will not be included on the package, except the shipping label with tracking number and shipping address. However, you will receive all the invoice details via email once the order is placed successfully.


Can I order some items and ship them to different addresses?

It is possible, but we recommend separating orders, because:

  • Shipping costs will vary depending on where it is shipped to. There should be no fixed price.
  • Although orders are mostly delivered within 5-11 days, some items may take longer to arrive if facilities are not available at that time.

The situation can go beyond our control, and in this case we are hard to assist you fully.


How can I personalize a T-shirt?

For tutorial, you can check this video:

Modify/Cancel order


How can I modify my order?

We understand that you desire the most satisfied customized product. To modify, please send us a request to change order details with the order ID via We will try to fulfill your request but please note that if it enters production, we cannot change the order.


How can I cancel my order?

We are sorry to hear that you want to cancel the order. To cancel, please send us a request with the order ID and reasons for cancellation via, as we are looking to improve to serve you better next time.

However, please note that you can only cancel within 2 hours since submitting the order. After this time, as the items enter production, we are afraid we cannot cancel it.


How can I change my billing address?

We are unable to change the billing address once the order has been sent for fulfillment. However, if your most recent order has the wrong billing address but the right shipping address, you will still receive the package.


How can I change the shipping address?

Note that you can only change the shipping address for the order you have just placed within 2 hours. Within this time, please email us via the order ID and the new shipping address you wish to change. We will inform you if we need more information to proceed with the request.

If you have received the tracking number for the order, it means it is locked for processing already. In this case, you cannot change the shipping address. To prevent this problem the next time, please double check all information before submitting the order.

Vouchers/ Discount


How do I use the discount code?

At the Checkout page, you enter the code in the Discount Code box. Once you have entered, click Apply and your total will reflect the applied discount.


Can I use multiple discount codes on a single order?

You can use only one code on a single order. Promotions are not combinable.


Can I use my voucher with any item?

You can use the voucher with any item(s) as long as they meet the offer's requirements. There are no fixed requirements as they will vary depending on the offers. To check if an item is eligible for your voucher, please view the offer’s criteria mentioned in the email.


Can a voucher be redeemed more than once?

All our vouchers are made for one-time use, with expiration dates. So don’t miss the chance to save more for your favorites.


Do vouchers expire?

All vouchers have different expiration dates. You can find this information in the email that includes the voucher.


Can I give my voucher to someone else?

Your vouchers can be redeemed by someone else given it has not expired.


Do I need a PrintKOK account to use vouchers?

You do not need a PrintKOK account to use vouchers. However, we have exclusive deals that are emailed only to subscribers. To receive these offers, you can sign up to our email list.


Why can’t I use my voucher when making a purchase?

It means that your voucher cannot be redeemed for the order. There are several issues for this case:

  • Items in your cart are not eligible for the voucher’s requirements.
  • You have already used the code before.
  • You have entered some wrong typos. Just copy and paste the code to ensure no errors.
  • Items must meet all criteria of the voucher as mentioned in the offer, but are not limited to, minimum and/or max purchase requirements as well as collection/item restrictions. Please read the email to get more information.
  • You’ve already used the voucher. Our voucher can only be used once, so if you’ve used it this time, it won’t work.
  • Voucher has expired. To prevent this, make sure you remember to use the voucher before expiration dates.
  • Some vouchers are only for subscribers, you can sign up before using this exclusive deal.

If you check all of the above and and still have trouble, feel free to contact us via Please also attach a screenshot of your checkout page that shows the code and items in your cart.


What happens if I forget to apply the discount code?

When making an order, we understand that you accept the price stated on the checkout page. Once you have completed the order, unfortunately we cannot apply the discount code.


Can I get a refund for the discount amount if I forgot to apply the code?

The discount code is added BEFORE submitting the order. In this case, we refuse to process a refund for the discount amount if you forgot to apply the code during checkout.


Can I cancel an order to place a new one if I forgot to apply the code?

Note that any of your orders after submitting can only be modified/canceled within 02 hours. After that time, it is locked for processing and can no longer be interrupted.

If you receive the voucher after placing an order, it becomes invalid after you cancel the previous one.


What happens if I cancel the order using a discount code?

You can request a refund for the entire order you paid for as long as your order is still within 2 hours since you submitted. However, the discount code cannot be reactivated.


How can I get a discount code?

You can receive a discount code for the first order by signing up via email. For further promotions, you can follow us on social media. Updates about new arrivals and special offers are posted there.


Why have I subscribed but haven’t received any discount codes?

The email sending discount code may delay a little due to technical issues. In this case, please leave us a message in the chat box to receive in-time support.


Who can I contact if I am having trouble using a discount code?

If you have scanned the FAQs and still struggle with using a discount code, the fastest way is to send us a message in the chat box or contact us via Please also attach a screenshot of your Checkout page that shows the code and your items.

Shipping & Delivery


Which countries will my order be shipped from?

Most of our products are made and shipped from the U.S, except certain seasonal items. To ensure the quality, we have chosen a list of providers with good printing technologies as well as great reviews for quality production.


How much is the shipping cost?

It depends on the items ordered, location and the shipping carrier that the final shipping cost is calculated at the Checkout process. You can review it before completing your purchase in the store.

*In a few promotions, we have codes for free shipping.


When will my order be processed and shipped?

We try to update and fulfill every order as soon as possible but in general, it may take 5-11 days for orders to arrive at your doorway. A shipment confirmation will be sent to you when the order completes fulfillment, including a tracking number and a link to continue following the progress.


The tracking information for my order hasn’t been updated in several days. Is there something wrong?

If your tracking number is not working, it can be the shipping carrier’s system hasn’t updated or the package was not scanned immediately. Most carriers do not scan packages frequently. Please wait 5-7 days and check again to see if it is updated. The reasons are:

  • Holidays
  • Delay on the part of the carrier
  • Weather Conditions
  • Package not scanned

If after that time you are still experiencing problems, you can contact us via


What should I do if my package is lost in-transit?

Since most carriers aren't scanning packages as frequently as they do, many are stuck in a confusing and frustrating situation: stay in a single location for several days and then are suddenly delivered while others don't show any movement until the order is delivered.

In this case, we will need to work again with the carriers and back to you the solution as soon as possible via email.


The tracking shows my order as being delivered, but I haven’t received it?

We can look into this for you. Before that, let’s check these following.

  • Try searching in the mailbox, garage or any area near your house. The carrier may have placed it in a safe location to prevent theft or any weather conditions.
  • Check with members in your house. They may have received it for you.
  • If you live in an apartment, please visit the rental office to see if they are holding your package.
  • The package may show as 'delivered' but take longer to be delivered.

If you still can’t find your package, please contact us with your order information; including order number, email and shipping address. We will try to assist you right away.


Do you offer expedited shipping?

Currently we do not offer expedited shipping.


Do you offer free shipping?

We do not offer free shipping but will have special offers for subscribers to look forward to. You can sign up and eye on what’s next in the forthcoming emails.


Do I have to pay any extra fees when the package is delivered?

Governments in some countries may charge some fees (imported fee, customs fees, handling fees, etc.) once the package is delivered. As it depends on the regulations of your country, it is beyond our control. Your payment does not include the cost of them.


My order is over $75, which satisfies the condition for free shipping but at check-out it still counts. Why is that?

We apply shipping fees for a few items like rugs as they are more challenging to be transported. Here are the main factors:
- Big size and heavy weight increases shipping costs and methods.
- Rugs need proper packaging in order to protect it from damage during transit, including securely rolled, wrapped and cushioned.
- Specialized shipping service with insurance may be needed, especially for super large rugs.
- Rugs take longer to deliver fully protected.

In case your order has at least a rug in it, shipping fee will be calculated.

Refunds, Returns and Replacement


Can I get a replacement/refund for my order?

You can request a full refund (including product price and shipping fee) if falling among one of these two cases:

  • Request within 2 hours after submitting the order: during this time you can cancel the order for free, of which we will refund both the product price and shipping fee.

  • Request after 2 hours after submitting the order: in this case, you cannot cancel as the order is already sent to providers for fulfillment. After receiving the item, you can only request a refund if it contains manufacturing errors or was already broken when you unbox. Processing time will be within 35 days counting from the email confirmation that your case is accepted. Please include the order ID (#xxxx) and a video filming your unbox as proof showing clearly the item’s conditions (for good, please film when you unbox).

In case it is an unsuccessful delivery, you can request a replacement with extra charge or a partial refund. If you ordered the wrong color/size, we cannot proceed with a refund.

After we receive the information, we will check and support you with a refund/replacement without having to return the old item. We will try to do our best to process it asap once your request is approved. Note that depending on how you paid, it may take 3-5 business days to show up on your statement.


What required evidence is necessary to successfully proceed a return?

It will depend on the defect issues of your item that we require different evidence. While an unboxing video when receiving the item is mandatory, you can refer to the information below for detailed photo requirements.

  • Issue with printing quality: a clear photo with product received laid on a flat surface. Design and the issue must be clearly visible in a frame.
  • Issue with print placement: a clear photo with product received aid on a flat surface. Incorrect placement must be shown with ruler/measuring tape.

*Note that DTG products will have a tolerance of 0.5”.

  • Wrong printing area: a clear photo with product received that is folded in a way showing clearly both sides.
  • Wrong product: a photo of product received with the size tag clearly visible.
  • Wrong size, color, brand, quality (manufacturing errors): a clear photo of product received laid on a flat surface. The item must be measured according to what is provided in the size guide, with design, issue, and/or size tag clearly visible in a frame.

*Note that there is a tolerance of +/-1 for adult apparel and +/-0.5 for baby clothing.

  • Issue with technical device: a video/photo showing and demonstrating the troubleshooting.
  • Product damage by delivery: a video/photo of product received with package and issue clearly visible.

In what cases that a refund/replacement is not accepted?

  • Request for refund/replacement is after 35 days of delivery
  • Items damaged by customers’ mishandling, misuse after delivery
  • Items being washed, worn or soiled from mishandling
  • Personal reasons: change of mind, taste, etc.
  • Orders with wrong size, color, product, address, customization, etc.
  • Items bought during any sales and promotions, not excluded those with discount codes and free shipping deals specially offered to you.

How can I get a replacement item?

You can get in touch with us via email within 35 days of delivery. We will try our best to work this out and may arrange you a free replacement. However, such replacement cannot be offered in these situations:

  • Lost orders with incorrect shipping address provided by you
  • Products received as requested, but you wish to change to another size/color
  • Apparel with minor size deviation from our size guidelines
  • Low-quality prints caused by low-resolution designs
  • Minor variations of the print placements (applied for DTG products)

In case the issues apply for multiple products that use the same design, please attach a video/photo with all items clearly captured in one frame for confirmation.

You can choose between a replacement or a refund based on preference.


When will I get my replacement item?

As a customized/ personalized item, please allow us more time to create.

  • Processing Time: within 3-7 business days.
  • Delivery Time: within 5-12 business days if shipping in the U.S (take longer outside the U.S)

Do I need to pay a shipping cost for a replacement item?

Most of the time we will process a replacement for you without extra fees, except in special cases that a small amount will be required. For the cases allowing replacement, please refer to Question 2.


What should I do if there’s late/ missing refunds?

Refunds are processed within 30 days and please allow several days to see them show up on your statement. Depending on how you paid and the bank’s process, it may take 3-5 days with Paypal and more than 10 with credit cards.

If after that time the credit has yet been recorded, please contact the card-issuing bank for further support.

Order Issues


I received someone else's order by mistake. What should I do now?

We’re sorry to hear that there’s misunderstanding. If you unintentionally receive the item that is not yours, please contact us right away via with your order ID and pictures of the following:

  • Incorrect item
  • The package's cover including the detailed shipping label
  • Packaging (please keep it until the issue is resolved)
  • Shipping label showing the tracking number

Once we receive all information, we will find the most suitable solution for you asap and reply within 3-5 days.


I am missing items from my order.

Worry-free, please check these following first:

  • Ensure your tracking confirmation email or order packing slip include all items shipped in bulk, not in separate shipments.
  • If the missing item was shipped from a different fulfillment location, it may still be in-transit.

If none of the above fits your situation, please get in touch with us via


I received the items that are not as described.

Please allow 20% difference between images on the website and the actual item you received. Sometimes advertised images may be slightly different in terms of color, lighting and monitor’s display.

In case your items are significantly different compared to the photos or description, please contact us via with the photo of your received item and the package’s cover with a detailed shipping label.


Why was my order shipped separately?

Partial shipping is applied for your order in the following conditions:

  • Items from different fulfillment locations
  • Items having different production time
  • Weight limit of custom or courier

Items that are shipped separately will not be charged for additional shipping costs. You'll receive a shipping notification for each shipment.

Payments and Billing


Can I add more items to my order?

If you want to add more items to your order, please kindly email us within 2 hours after submitting the order so that we can assist you asap before items enter production. A new invoice will then be provided to you via email.

After 2 hours, as the order is locked for processing, you can no longer modify it and need to create a new one.


How secure is my payment?

We are aware that security and privacy are your primary concern when shopping online. As we currency use Paypal as the main and only method for all payments, we can assure that all your personal details are kept confidential and payment information is not stored on our servers.

In case of suspicious transactions, we may contact you for validity before fully processing the order.


What payment methods do you accept?

Currently, we accept all payments via PayPal.

  • You can send payments online quickly and securely.
  • You can use credit card, debit card, or bank account balance to pay.
  • After submitting the order, you will be redirected to Paypal’s website to make payments.

*Other payment methods will be updated soon.

Gift Card


What are e-gift cards?

E-gift cards are fast and convenient solutions if you are confused with what to choose for gifting. At PrintKOK, we have various options preloaded with amounts from $10 to $100, which is suitable for both personal use and gifting. You can use e-gift cards to shop online on All e-gift cards do not expire.


How do e-gift cards work?

After you’ve paid for an e-gift card, a confirmation email will be automatically sent to your inbox (if it’s for personal use) and recipient’s inbox (if it’s for gifting). There you’ll find a unique 16-digit code provided for you/ the recipient, of which you can apply at Checkout to be redeemed.

E-gift cards can be used as a form of payment as long as there’s balance in the card.


How to use e-gift cards to shop at PrintKOK website?

You add to cart your personalized items like usual. Then at Checkout, type the code at the “Discount code or gift card” box. You’ll see the amount of the order deducted from the initial balance.


Can I exchange full or partial balance in my e-gift card for cash or credit?

Currently, we do not exchange either full or partial balance in e-gift cards for cash or credit.


How do I know if my e-gift card was received?

Whether you buy for personal use or gifting, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address noted during purchase, including the 16-digit code associated with that card. In case of gifting, your recipient will also receive a note that they’ve received an e-gift card from you (the buyer), with links and code to use the card.


How many e-gift cards can I buy/send?

You can buy as many e-gift cards as you like, with no expiration on usage date.


Do e-gift cards expire?

No, our e-gift cards do not expire.


How can I protect my e-gift card information?

Treat it like your cash so do not share with anyone whom you do not wish to redeem the available balance. Worry-free as the 16-digit code is automatically sent by the gift card system, so even us are prevented from knowing that information.


How can I change the e-gift card information after purchasing?

Please reach us via for instant support.


Can I transfer e-gift cards?

Currently we do not support transfer of e-gift cards. You can choose the option “I want to send this as a gift” and we will directly send the 16-digit code to the recipient without fear of confidentiality.


Can other people use my e-gift cards?

Yes, as long as you provide them with the 16-digit code of the e-gift cards.


Can I view my e-gift card history? If yes, where to find it?

You can check your e-gift card history and all other information about e-gift cards in your PrintKOK account. Here, you can not only view all e-gift cards that you have received/ sent to others, their balances but also all items purchased. If you haven’t opened one, sign up here.


Can discounts codes be combined while using e-gift cards to make purchases?

All purchases using e-gift cards will be excluded from other discounts/ offers.


Is shipping fee deducted from the balance if I use e-gift cards to make purchases?

Both the item value and shipping fee will be deducted.


Can I request a refund or cancel an e-gift card?

Unfortunately, all e-gift cards cannot be refunded or canceled once paid.


My remaining card balance is not enough to buy any items at PrintKOK. What should I do now?

In the case your order value exceeds the remaining card balance, you will need to pay the excess using other methods. We have multiple options from credit/ debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal and Klarna that you can choose from.


How to request refunds/returns of products purchased by e-gift cards?

It is similar to returns/refunds for products purchased using other methods. However, in the case you buy e-gift cards as a product, we do not support returns/refunds.


How to cancel orders purchased using e-gift cards?

The process is similar to cancellation of orders purchased using other methods. Here’s the full guide:

To cancel, please send us a request with the order ID and reasons for cancellation via Note that you can only cancel within 2 hours since submitting the order. After this time, as the items enter production, we cannot cancel it.


Can I use e-gift cards to make purchases of other e-gift cards?

You cannot use e-gift cards to buy other e-gift cards.